Creating a PsychologicallyHealthy Workplace.

Utilising evidence based solutions

Creating a PsychologicallyHealthy Workplace

Improving productivity, resilience & motivation
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Emotional Health Toolkit

Emotional Health Toolkit is focused on helping you understand and work with mental health issues in the workplace

A business IS its people. You cannot have a productive, healthy business without investing in the psychological health of your workforce. We provide evidence based solutions from behavioural science that will improve productivity, resilience and motivation in your teams.
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Emotional Health Toolkit

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Lockdown 3.0

Here in the UK we’ve just entered Lockdown 3.0 😢.  There’s a real sense of “here we go again” 😞.  But an essential difference from the first full lockdown is that each of us has hard won experience and learning under our belts that we have gained in the last 10 months 💪. Have a […]

How much is mental distress costing your organisation?

Every organisation is impacted by mental distress. At any one time one worker in six will experience depression, anxiety or problems relating to stress. The business costs of psychological distress in the workplace cost UK businesses in the region of £26 billion per annum* as a result of reduced productivity, presenteeism, sickness absence and staff […]